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YES! Fest

A Year of Environment and Sustainability

Events will occur in every corner of the community in creative ways for over 100 arts and cultural organizations of Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana, combined with dozens of environmental and scientific organizations.

Project Overview

In 2015, over 100 of the region’s diverse and dynamic arts and cultural organizations who are members of the Arts & Cultural Attractions Council (ACA) of the Louisville Metro and parts of Southern Indiana will unite and use the power of YES to accomplish something greater than any one organization could do on its own through a year-long festival is called YES! Fest — A Year of Environment and Sustainability. YES! Fest will connect the arts, culture and the environment in innovative ways to actively engage audiences of all ages through a wealth of artistic and cultural experiences. YES! Fest will unite organizations throughout the community who have rarely worked together and will provide art and culture where no one has ever expected to see it — perhaps at a recycling center or a landfill — and will engage dialogue and thoughtful conversation throughout our community.

Gill Holland is the Honorary Chair of the YES! Fest and serves on an advisory committee of local environmental and tourism officials.

About the Arts and Cultural Attractions Council

ACA was founded in 1993 and now has over 100 member organizations from all sizes and types of arts and cultural attractions in the Greater Louisville region. ACA members work together to establish strong connections between the arts and cultural sector to the educational community and ensure that arts and culture are a part of education for youth of this region.

Members also strive to facilitate meaningful collaboration among ACA members and establish the arts and cultural sector as a key component of our region by defining Greater Louisville’s arts and cultural assets that make this area unique.

Interested in Getting Involved

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Many organizations have committed their time and / or materials to host an event which promotes an element of environmental sustainability.

Have an idea for an event, just need a venue? Contact us! We can put you in contact with venues of all different sizes and types.

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With so many YES! Fest events in this community, you’re sure to find one that you find interesting and affordable!