Here’s how you can help RIGHT NOW!

Donate Back the Cost of Your Ticket – If the event, exhibit or performance you were scheduled to go to cancelled, offer to donate that cost back to the organization, instead of requesting a refund.

Make a General Operations Donation – You may not know, but most organizations get their operating dollars from ticket sales and earned revenue. When the doors are closed, they’re not making any money, but still have to pay for basic operating expenses like utilities, mortgage, and staff salaries. A general donation can be made to most of these arts and cultural organizations by going to their site and clicking on the Donate Now button. We promise, any amount helps and goes a long way.

Participate in the Virtual Programming Offered (then share it with others) – Since COVID-19 began, our organizations have been rapidly mobilizing to bring arts and culture to you. We want to keep you happy and engaged and provide opportunities for you to experience our offerings while you are stuck at home and homeschooling your families. Please watch these performances and participate in these virtual activities. Then, tell others. Help us spread the word about this and provide access to more people.

Support a Stimulus Package for Arts & Culture Organizations – In the coming weeks, months, and maybe even years, as we climb out of this probable recession, help us talk to our legislative leaders about ongoing stimulus and support money for our sector. We’re only one of a few cities our size that does not have a local option tax to support the arts and culture. But, we need it desperately.

Purchase a Membership – Support your favorite organization by purchasing a membership. It will help the organization and it will help you stay connected, provide you with other benefits, and keep the organization open.