ACA Seeks Executive Administrator

Executive Arts and Culture Administrator – Job Description

The Executive Administrator supports the mission, vision, values, advocacy, and strategic plan of the Arts and Culture Alliance (ACA), a member-based organization (501c3 status pending) supporting 85 plus arts and cultural organizations. The Executive Administrator also serves as the Project Manager for the Cultural Pass, directly working with and reporting to Fund for the Arts as well the Cultural Pass Coordinating Committee (Louisville Metro Government, Louisville Free Public Library, and Arts and Culture Alliance)

Desired qualifications/experience:

  • BA degree in relevant field or combination of experience and education
  • Minimum 2-5 years experience working with community organizations
  • Fundamental technical expertise: database management, Outlook, financial management, website management, communication and marketing skills

The ideal candidate:

  • is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in the arts and culture sector
  • is an excellent communicator
  • facilitates teamwork and collaboration
  • is flexible and adaptable
  • has strong organization skills and attention to detail and accuracy
  • has capacity to build strong connections in the community

ADMINISTRATION: Responsible for representing the Arts & Cultural Alliance in a professional and collaborative manner to a variety of stakeholders.

  • Maintains a high level of engagement with member organizations and prospective members
  • Central communications person for ACA, both internally and externally. Duties includes maintaining website for ACA, social media engagement, managing consistent communications via Constant Contact or other email campaign software, developing and/or overseeing development of marketing pieces for ACA and its events/programs, writing copy, and press releases as needed
  • Provides strategic administrative support to the ACA, such as sending invitations, tracking attendance, recording and distributing minutes, copying handouts, booking locations, organizing food and beverage when needed, and all follow-up on meeting outcomes. Meetings include bimonthly Chair meetings, bimonthly Executive Committee meetings, bimonthly Board of Directors meetings, quarterly Full Council meetings, and facilitating virtual Town Hall meetings
  • Coordinates accounts payable and receivable, processing and collecting of dues, monthly reporting, etc.
  • Represents the ACA in community networks and initiatives
  • Works with the Board of Directors, develops a recruitment and retention program for members, growing and diversifying the membership, as well as managing the onboarding process

CULTURAL PASS: Cultural Pass is a program that offers free attendance to arts and cultural organizations to the youth of our region. It is a collaboration between the Fund for the Arts, Louisville Metro, ACA, and the Louisville Free Public Library.  The Fund for the Arts provides daily oversight and direct supervision to the Cultural Pass Project Manager.

  • Provides project management and facilitation of the Cultural Pass Program, seeking to grow and expand the number of places the cultural pass is offered
  • Coordinates regular communication, meetings, and events with Fund for the Arts, Library, Louisville Metro, ACA and all arts partners and cultural venues
  • Working with the Fund for the Arts, oversees the marketing and promotion of the Cultural Pass, including target audiences
  • Coordinates with regional school districts and other community service providers to identify opportunities to increase participation by targeting under-served neighborhoods, low-performance schools, and pilot programs to reduce summer learning loss
  • Works with Fund for the Arts to manage the budget and reimbursements to participating venues
  • Works with Fund for the Arts to recognize and report to sponsors and funders
  • Responsible for Cultural Pass data analysis with the Louisville Free Public Library, project evaluation and report outs to Coordinating and Advisory Committees, funders, and art and cultural organizations
  • Event management, including coordinating the Cultural Pass launch with the ACA, Library, Louisville Metro, the Fund, and key partners


  • Part-time independent contractor
  • $40,000 for 12-month contract, average 25-30 hours/week
  • Renewable yearly based on funding availability and review
  • Reports to ACA Board of Directors, including ACA Chair, Fund for the Arts representative, and Louisville Metro representative; Reports directly to Fund for the Arts on Cultural Pass project management
  • Work is not office-based and contractor works remotely, with own computer


  • Submit letter, resume, and references to by November 1.